Just published the report of the First expert workshop on cyber security in Smart Grids

A well balanced group of experts on cybersecurity in Smart Grids attended, last 19th November 2014 in Madrid (Spain), the first technical workshop organized by the TACIT project.

Representatives from public and private sectors, including final users, consultancies, ICT & Cybersecurity vendors, integrators, industrial organizations, engineering, academia & research were present in the event. All are compromised in joining efforts to advise TACIT project on how to define and develop the most effective framework for enhanced protection against cyber threats in Smart Grids.

The European Project TACIT is coordinated by Tecnalia and Everis Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Cybersecurity Center and D´Appolonia are also part of the consortium. The project works on the definition and development of a framework for the assessment of risk and impact of cyber attacks in Smart Grids. The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to freely discuss subjects regarding threats, vulnerabilities and risks that should be identified, evaluated and managed in any Smart Grid installation. A number of major conclusions were obtained from the round tables, being worth to mention:

  • A list of vulnerable elements from physical and logical assets that needs to be additionally protected, including devices, communication and human factor.
  • A prioritization from the user point of view of the most urgent known attacks to be protected from.
  • References and examples of how a truly useful Graphical User Interface for this kind of framework should be implemented.
  • Instructions over the development of the assessment tools on the basis of real time, real methodology and real models, in order to simulate complex and modular attacks, and obtain practical results.
  • Advise on the efficient approach to maintaining up to date the framework threat data base population.

This inestimable information will assure that the TACIT framework will match the highest expectations of the cibersecurity in Smart Grids experts. The objective of the workshop was primarily to serve as a platform to exchange experience and share visions on enhancing cybersecurity in Smart Grids, were achieved, and participants will be punctually informed of project progress and additional activities.

TACIT website: www.tacit-project.eu

Report download: goo.gl/TDu2VP