Friday, 2016, January 22 - 15:34

TACIT was born as a European CIPS Programme project research challenge, and in December 2015 TACIT project successfully concluded the development of the TACIT Simulator, a novel tool to aid in the threat impact assessment for the protection of Critical Infrastructures, particularly electricity Smart Grids.

Monday, 2015, December 21 - 12:51

Last November the 27th 2015, Mrs. Erkuden Ríos Velasco (TECNALIA) & Mr. Alberto Domínguez Serra (EVERIS) presented TACIT Tool, the software development for simulating cyberattacks on SmartGrids.

Wednesday, 2015, November 18 - 17:07

TACIT presents the developed tool to more than 200 professionals

Saturday, 2014, December 20 - 13:33

A well balanced group of experts on cybersecurity in Smart Grids attended, last 19th November 2014 in Madrid (Spain), the first technical workshop organized by the TACIT project.

Monday, 2014, November 24 - 10:19

Great success of the First expert workshop on cyber security in Smart Grids organized by the TACIT project.

Monday, 2014, October 6 - 11:35

The project is collecting the experience of experts (Link to the survey).

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