The final version of the Smart Grid cyberattack simulator has been released

TACIT was born as a European CIPS Programme project research challenge, and in December 2015 TACIT project successfully concluded the development of the TACIT Simulator, a novel tool to aid in the threat impact assessment for the protection of Critical Infrastructures, particularly electricity Smart Grids.

TACIT Simulator creates value and helps to enhance the security of electricity Smart Grids in different ways, including the improved understanding of current and future cyber threats and vulnerabilities together with the associated risk and impact. The framework is aimed at helping during the design of the Smart Grid network and during the security education of Smart Grid operators. The tool allows reproducing known and recently discovered cyber-attacks against the actual end-user Smart Grid network and understand how they may propagate. The simulator supports to configure the simulated attacks to particular Smart Grid designs in order to better identify the security issues and risks, and to estimate the associated impact. The major innovation of TACIT resides in the fact that it is a tool specialised in vulnerabilities and threats of low voltage elements of electricity Smart Grids.

TACIT is a meeting point between energy business and IT services to work together in the pursuit of enhancing cyber protection of electricity Smart Grids. Even if the primary target end-users of current version of TACIT are electricity suppliers, thanks to its characteristics and modular design TACIT Simulator can easily be tailored to other critical domains such as transport or water Smart Grids. TACIT Simulator development has been guided by the quality feedback and recommendations collected from experts and relevant stakeholders by means of dedicated workshops, specific surveys and face to face interviews with professionals and end-users of cybersecurity solutions for Smart Grid. The framework has also been validated by performing a series of tests simulating cyber-attacks on INGRID electricity Smart Grid laboratory by Tecnalia.

TACIT Simulator leads to a significant improvement on the knowledge and capacities of European CI providers to develop and maintain resilient energy infrastructures.

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